Woo Jin Joo

collectible objects


Woo Jin Joo is a mixed-media artist specialising in soft sculpture and textiles. Woo Jin received her BA Textiles from Central Saint Martins in 2019 and MA Textiles from Royal College of Art in 2021. Taking cues from traditional East Asian folklore, mythology and philosophy, Woo Jin explores ways of re-enchanting stories of the world around us. Mediating on the value humans endow objects and nature in our current materialist and consumerist society, Woo Jin playfully postulates a new way of living, being and learning from objects and nature – one that is more caring and lasting. Through embroidery she transforms found and old objects, subverting them as a means to engage in the discourse around climate justice, capitalism, and more generative ways of living.

Woo Jin has been awarded the Fine Art Textiles Prize, Elephant Trust Fund, Art Council’s Developing Your Creative Practice Fund, and Cockpit Bagri Craft Award.

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