Ellen Monaghan



Ellen Monaghan designs and makes jewellery inspired by architecture, interiors and textile pattern.
Each piece is handmade referencing observational drawings of subjects like architectural ironwork, traditional Persian patterns, and dynamic lines within nature. The end results are created using a sketch-like making process with square wire.
Tumbling chains of unique links are incorporated with precious gemstones to create necklaces that change with each movement of the wearer. Rings create lines that guide the eye around the hand to land on colourful jewels set within the design. Earrings play with the space around the ear and neck to create continuous flowing lines that draw the eye.
In 2018 Ellen received the Award for Excellence by The British Jewellers Association while exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair. She has exhibited at Goldsmith's Fair and has stockists around the UK, as well as a thriving private client list.

“I design and make jewellery using folding and forging techniques with a sketch-like process in square wire.”

Ellen Monaghan

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