Lulu Harrison – Maison 0/Green Trail winner


Cockpit glass artist and inaugural recipient of our Glass Sellers’ Bursary, Lulu Harrison, wins recognition.

The Maison/0 Green Trail celebrates innovative responses to the climate and biodiversity emergencies by graduating students of Central St Martins.

This year is no exception with five winners spanning from transformational garments to production methods that scale textile dyeing with bacteria and spatial design that supports reforestation. The Green Trail spans the College’s disciplines and courses, bringing together work that responds to the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

Cockpit glass artist and inaugural recipient of our Glass Sellers’ Bursary, Lulu Harrison, is one of this year’s winners.

“This generation of creative change-makers holds the promise of a better future. Their level of engagement with bio-circular materiality, ecosystem thinking, technological innovation and indigenous knowledge is evidence yet again that designers have a key role to play in our planetary emergency.”
Professor Carole Collet, Director of Maison/0

“Inspired by ancient glass making processes, I have been creating unique batch recipes from local and waste materials sourced in and around the River Thames. These include local sands, waste shells and wood ash. In collaboration with Thames Water, I discovered a way to make use of the tonnes of invasive quagga mussels that routinely block water pipes and cost Thames Water millions of pounds to remove.

I have created the first prototypes of the Thames Glass carafe and tumbler – to promote drinking tap water rather than buying plastic bottles. I have also started working with Bureau de Change and exploring the possibilities of creating glass tiles that could be utilised in building design. The patterns of these tiles are informed by terracotta chimney pots created in the mid-19th century by Royal Doulton, who were incidentally also the manufacturers of the water pipes that improved London’s sanitation system.”