Brand new work at Cockpit Open Studios


Fresh new work for the festive season

To celebrate the first day of Winter Open Studios, we’re showcasing new products from seven makers who you can visit and whose work will be available for purchase during our Bloomsbury Open Studios (from 23-26 November) and Deptford Launch Weekend-cum-Open Studios (from 1-3 December). 

Read on for playful homewares, statement making jewellery, socially-aware sculptures and ready-to-wear artworks, all of which would make a perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself…)

Don’t miss the launch of a brand-new Cockpit Deptford, from 1-3 December! Register today to join us for a weekend of performances, workshops, and one-of-a-kind crafts. 

Vanessa Hogge 

Vanessa Hogge’s decorative wallflowers bring a unique textural and visual dimension to any wall or table. Working in porcelain, Vanessa painstakingly sculpts every petal and anther by hand so that no two flowers are identical. Inspired by her passion for all things botanical, Vanessa breathes life into her clay in the form of dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies, hydrangeas and daphne. 

PEACE Wall Pieces, porcelain, 19cm and 24.5 cm, Price: £700 (19cm) and £1,000 (24.5cm) 

Kerry Hastings

Made by hand using the coil and slab technique, the top flat surfaces of these sculptural tables are glazed, the bodies are naked, fired and polished clay. These new works are inspired by the sensual curves of the sculptures of Jean Hans Arp and by the beautiful limestone formations of Malham Cove, sculpted by nature over time to produce wonderful works of art. 

Sculptural Side Tables. Price: from £2,400-£5,000 

Mark Nuell 

Mark Nuell is at the forefront of unique gemstone cutting and jewellery design. The art of lapidary or gem cutting and polishing has become a dying craft. Mark not only hand cuts the gems himself, he also sources raw gemstones directly from the mines and integrates them into beautiful jewellery pieces. The rough, precious stones are skilfully cut and polished to accentuate each stones’ natural beauty. 

Freeform Peridot Ring, 18ct Gold, peridot 9cts faceted by Mark, Price: £8,850.00 

Helen Johannessen 

Using porcelain and plaster to explore visceral and tactile material surfaces, Helen Johannessen creates beautiful and illusionary effects with texture, tones and form. These miniature, ready-to-wear artworks, all hand signed, are cast porcelain, some glazed or airbrushed with ceramic colour. 

Porcelain Pin Brooches, approx. 30 mm diameter, Price: from £35-50

Tania Clarke Hall 

Tania Clarke Hall is an award-winning jeweller working in leather whose bold and dramatic pieces are designed with a deceptively simple economy of line. This bold and playful take on her Decon Brooch comes in shades of silver with flashes of red. The light nature of leather means that it will not weigh your garment down. 

Decon Brooch – Silver & Red, Hand cut black Italian saddle leather, silver and red coloured edge dye, silver pin and clutch fixing, L7.5cm x W5.5cm x D2.2cm, Price: £150 

Lush Designs 

With a print featuring that fancy-patterned cat, the ocelot, in a dark tropical forest (not a Big Cat, but certainly larger than Tibbles), these beautifully hand-printed lampshades with delicate details on a dark background of exotic felines amongst the fecund foliage would look beautiful in the bedroom or lovely in the living room.  

Ocelot Lampshade (Green or Pink), Hand screen printed, 32 x 30cm, Price: £59.95 


Clara Breen 

Wave forms, geological contour lines as well as the unseen spaces that exist within these forms often feature in Clara Breen’s work, where subtle metal finishes in certified Fairmined gold feature alongside ethically-sourced gemstones. Breen has created a series of variations on her Strata ring design – two in silver with white gold and diamonds and two with 18ct gold dots in between the layers. 

Strata Rings, Price: from £275-750 

Tessa Eastman 

Award-winning artist Tessa Eastman’s new ‘Miniature Ladder to Cloud Pink Pea’ was created within a circular economy system, with tiny amounts of left-over ceramic glazes being reused. The Cloud on top of its Ladder refers to global warming, as this tactile sculpture encourages humans to question their activities whilst physically holding a cloud in their hands. 

Miniature Ladder to Cloud Pink Pea, 2023, Hand built, multiple glazed stoneware. L60 x W60 x H10 cm, Price: £200