Zoe Worton

homeware and textiles


Zoe explores wood as her prime material in all its forms, having a functional basis produced in short series as well as individual pieces that have a sculptural presence. Zoe enjoys the physicality of wood turning, the immediate response it provokes and demands of a maker. She enjoys achieving the desired objectives whilst giving the material the respect it deserves.


Guided by her values as a maker, Zoe attempts to use as much sustainably sourced material as possible from the felled tree to discarded waste. Zoe turns FSC seasoned wood but by preference turns mainly wet wood, known as ‘green’ turning, where she is willing to accept the inherent vagaries such as warping and cracking, even perceived defects seen, as she allows the material to have its own voice as a part of the considered outcome. Zoe’s current work is exploratory- allowed to freely move through unrestricted laws, unbounded by previous narratives. She actively seeks to develop her understanding of materials, theories and processes within the world of craft and more importantly in wood turning.


    • Winner of Turners’ Award at Cockpit 2021