Carl Fox

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Taking inspiration from the architecture and aesthetic of the mid-century, Carl creates marquetry artworks with leather and wood veneer.
Over the years Carl has studied interior design, furniture restoration, upholstery and textiles. In 2020 he began investigating the enormous potential of leather as a medium, and it’s been a love affair ever since.
Carl is quickly gaining attention for his art works and skills with leather. He was recently featured in Forbes magazine, and following his recent marquetry series' ‘Unsteady Giants’, 'Komorebi' and 'The Watchers Embrace' now has works in private and public collections around the world.

He is currently represented by Contemporary Applied Arts gallery in Marylebone, a multidisciplinary gallery that has championed craft for over 70 years. He is also represented by Future Icons and Teer and Co, both of which are collectives of fine craftspeople.

“'My art is an exploration of human emotion through form, texture, colour and line. An insight into the raw feelings that come from daily life. Each artwork reflecting the observers experience.'”

Carl Fox


Carl's process is heavily influenced by mid century and brutalist architecture alongside modernist design. Inspired by the work of Oscar Niemeyer, Frank Lloyd-Wright, Miro, Mondrian and more, he uses geometric abstraction to create thought provoking, tactile pieces that the viewer can get lost in. His work focuses on how memory of time, place or emotion can be triggered by colour and texture alone, without the use of figurative imagery.


  • commissions
  • designing for industry


  • Winner of Leathersellers’ Award at Cockpit 2022

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