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Taking inspiration from the architecture and aesthetic of the mid-century, Carl creates marquetry pieces and functional artworks with leather.
Over the years Carl has studied interior design, furniture restoration, upholstery and textiles. In 2020 he began investigating the enormous potential of leather as a medium, and it’s been a love affair ever since.
Conscious of the abundance of unused materials available, Carl aims to restore items, such as vintage furniture and jewellery, and incorporate these into leather artworks. Creating contemporary pieces that can be used for years to come. Where possible, leather is sourced from surplus materials left behind from designer brand production, or is removed and restored from vintage pieces,then repurposed.
Carl works with a combination of trompe l’œil effects and geometric abstraction to create illusions of depth and dimension. Carl has recently been awarded by the Worshipful Leathersellers Company 2022 and featured in Forbes magazine.

“Inspired by the architecture and design of the mid century, I use a combination of saddlery, marquetry and restoration techniques to create pieces that showcase how versatile leather can be. ”

Carl Fox


Most recently Carl is working with both leather and wood combined. Sourcing surplus leather and offcuts of wood veneer that would otherwise be seen as waste, Carl creates artworks and installations combining materials that have been used for millenia.

With a strong belief that colour, texture and form can evoke feelings of emotion and memory, Carl uses highly figured woods paired with tactile leather to create artworks that create an experience as individual as the person viewing them,


  • commissions
  • designing for industry


  • Winner of Leathersellers’ Award at Cockpit 2022

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