Mike Groves

homeware and textiles


Mike creates functional tableware - bowls, dishes, platters and cups - from sustainably sourced British hardwoods and reclaimed timber.

The wood is turned on a lathe and sculpted with chisels and gouges into kitchenware that is designed to be used, worn and loved for years. His inspiration is in museum collections, with reference to his background in anthropology and archaeology. Most often it is the ceramic cultures of Korea, China and Japan that have the biggest effect.

With tall, raised feet on the base of each bowl and a turned out lip, every piece of Mike's work is engineered to allow a personal, engaged relationship between people, food and the object. Functionality underpins everything he creates.

“I am fascinated by the relationship between people and objects and, as a maker, my practice allows me to engineer those interactions through a functional object. ”

Mike Groves


    • Winner of Turners’ Award at Cockpit 2021

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