Laura Gravestock



British jewellery designer Laura Gravestock creates intricate, feminine jewellery inspired by her childhood in the Middle East & Spain.

Using precious metals and gemstones, Laura reworks aspects of traditional jewellery into an expression of contemporary luxury. With a striking attention to detail, she channels the opulence of jewellery from decadent times gone by; playing with the light that refracts through colourful gemstones, Laura draws a richness into her work. Each piece is designed and made by Laura in her Cockpit Arts studio.

Named as one of Professional Jewellers Hot 100, 2011, and a finalist for the UK Jewellery Awards New Designer of the Year 2012, Laura Gravestock has been labelled as ‘one to watch’ within the industry. Laura’s jewellery is also fast becoming a celebrity favourite, with fans including singer Taylor Swift and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

    “I believe that jewellery should be an embodiment of style and elegance. I strive to design classic, timeless pieces with a contemporary edge to be cherished for years to come.”

    Laura Gravestock