Francesca Miotti

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Francesca uses hand-weaving as her main media, questioning the idea of cloth and relating to the technical elements of the process to allow a more conscious experience with materials and their qualities.
Combining a variety of paper yarns and natural fibres, she approaches weaving as a sculptural process, including elements of potential interactions within each piece’s structure.
Once off the tension of the loom, materials are then left to react spontaneously according to their own nature, affecting the resulting form and shape.

“By researching into children’s playing processes, I approach weaving in a similar way, exploring materials’ sensory and sculptural properties.”

Francesca Miotti


Following a research into the introduction of textiles in early education as a creative learning tool, she started documenting her workshops’ processes and outcomes, gathering information on children’s spontaneous responses and actions towards materials.
She then started translating these exploratory acts, such as pulling, folding, turning inside-out, into hand-woven structures and surfaces.
Her ongoing research has been focusing in the context of the Reggio Emilia Approach, and has led to further development and to textile based activities with children aged 2-7.


  • commissions


  • Winner of Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit 2020

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