Elna-Marie Fortune

homeware and textiles


Elna-Marie is a Textiles Designer specialise in Woven Textiles who studied at the University For Creative Arts. Elna-Marie started at a young age being interested in the craft seeing her grandma's patchwork tapestries up on the wall. She is Intrigued by using a balance of Neutral and Dyed yarns combined to create a product that has a different character to what you may find on the market. She stays open with where her work is heading until she can see where her samples are heading. This all acts as her blank canvas until she pieces everything together. It has given my work such a unique approach to every possibility.

“”Everything is handmade resulting in each piece being unique.”

Elna-Marie Fortune


I begin with an idea in mind and brainstorm from that point to create a weave structure. I also think about what emotion I'm want to go for which aids in the choice of how many colours I would want to work with. which then leads into the dyeing process

Weave Structure: I go over the weave structure visually before deciding to set up the loom to see how it may turn out or if some parts would need some fixing.

Dye process: There's something special about dyeing your yarn before weaving it into cloth. It connects you to the process of designing from the very beginning. To understand the curiosity of material and of the process itself.

Wet Finishing: This is the part of the process when the cloth is now off the Loom called loom state because the woven cloth has been on a tight tension the whole weaving process, but once it gets put in water and continue the finishing process is where it turns into cloth it's finished state once dried and is also where the product is then made.


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  • Winner of Make It 2021