London Creative Network

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The LCN Programme has been running since 2016 and will run until December 2022. The LCN Programme is now closed for applicants, please contact us if you have any questions about the programme.

LCN at Cockpit offers information-led and practical workshops, complemented by small group coaching. These are delivered by the Business Incubation Team at Cockpit, alongside our hand-picked guest speakers and trainers.  Together we share a unique knowledge of the craft sector and a passion for building core skills in our maker community. We work with all types of craft practices; from batch producers to artist-makers.

“To have such a range of workshops and support within one programme is incredibly helpful and the advice I have received really has provided me with a platform to move forward in my business.”

Majeda Clarke

Our programme

Whatever stage you are in business or practice, confident communication is key to success.   

This autumn, our workshop programme will focus on advancing your business practice through communication – from working out what you want to say, the relationships you want to build and the self-assurance to deliver your message.   

We’ll have specialist trainers sharing their tried and tested advice, complimented by bootcamp sessions with our experienced Cockpit coaches to help you put the wisdom into practice.   

The practical programme will be enriched through informal talks by makers, gallerists, journalists and craft industry experts – all sharing why communication matters along with their best practice tips.  

“This programme was exactly what I was hoping for. It has helped me see my potential and understand how I can continue to build both my making practice and the business. It has given me the confidence I need to pull it all together.”

Frances Pinnock

What you'll get

This exciting programme is the FINAL round of our London Creative Network (LCN) programme funded by ERDF. Each place is worth over £1000 at no cost to you.  

Once enrolled, you can access 15 hours of support and will have a choice of: 

  • Lectures and workshops 
  • Small group coaching sessions 
  • Informal talks 

All sessions offer a great opportunity to meet those taking part in the programme, as well as industry experts.  

Workshops will be a mix of online and in person sessions and will run from early September to late December 2022.  

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for the London Creative Network programme, you must: 

  • Be based in London (any one of the 32 London boroughs or the City of London) 
  • Be registered with HMRC 
  • Commit to engaging in at least 12 hours of support 

Selection Criteria

Beyond the eligibility criteria we would like to you to: 

  • Have a body of work that demonstrates excellence and quality of craft skill, originality in use of materials.  
  • Have craft as your full time living, or a substantial part of your income. Or be actively engaged in trying to achieve this. 
  • Have a broad vision and sense of direction for what you want to do and be able to identify the goals to work on. 
  • Be committed to growth in your chosen market and to developing your products and services. And an understanding of the processes and commitment required do this. 
  • Demonstrate a sales track record or evidence of testing the market and an existing customer base. 
  • Be able to articulate your strengths and weaknesses in achieving your goals, including where your business needs to change to reach the next level. 
  • Have knowledge of the context that you are working in, for example knowledge of key organisations or relevant role models in craft or your wider market.