The Mountain Temple

By Memories of Green


The Garden of Eden is a collection of living sculptures. It takes inspiration from the chalice, the purest form of adoration combined with a science fiction representation of supernatural biological sculptures suspended in the air. The living ecosystem contains a living bonsai resting in a moss garden, a powerful meditative sculpture that you flourishes and designs itself following your own aesthetic principles. The garden will take care of each other by collecting humidity and nutrients and also purifying the air by absorbing the CO2 emissions around the room. It only requires to be watered once every week. The pieces intend to show chalices as the ultimate form of adoration, worshipping nature as sacred monoliths of tranquillity and meditation. The project aims to take two entirely different processes and fuse them in perfect balance: The fast and violent process of woodturning frozen in time and space and the ever-growing tranquillity of plants. The mountain temple is the most expressive of our pieces, created to give the illusion of an environment where a temple lives secluded atop of a mountain; memories of green wishes to transport you to a world full of wonderment, calm, and meditation. Designed in collaboration with tranquil plants to create the ultimate sculptures to revere earth. *The Bonsai Garden detaches to be watered and sprayed and then comfortable placed back on the chalice. Watering instructions included, the amount and species of bonsais can vary upon request. *The Wooden pieces are water-resistant to some extent, however, water and humidity can get through them. it’s recommended to dry the moss ball after watering to keep the wood as dry as possible.* Living Bonsais: H40cm x Ø17cm Approx Chalice: H35cm X Ø18cm Approx Materials: Birchwood, Acacia Wood, polyscias ming bonsai. Made to order Care: Water every 2 Weeks Approx Lead time: 3 - 5 weeks Approx