Smile Spirit Stone

By Chloe Valorso


Brooch, double pin Bumblebee Jasper, silver 90x55x8mm This Spirit Stone has the power of the Spirits... The yellow inclusions reminding us of our iconic smiley face. Bumblebee jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. This special stone comes from Java island in Indonesia, I collected it during my last trip earlier this year. I kept this stone with me during my Shamanic Breathwork training, it is embedded with the energies of the shamanic spiral. This spirit stone empowers you, your mind, your being. It reconnects you to your inner child and your higher self. Spirit reminds you we are part of a tribe. The bumblebee jasper embodies the strong energy of the volcanoe from which it was birthed, it shakes you to the core to call on your inner fire, reminding you to let yourself Shine & Smile !