GinSeng Bonsai Garden

By Memories of Green


The GinSeng Bonsai Garden consists of a living ecosystem that contains a living bonsai resting on a moss garden, supported by a wooden chalice. A powerful meditative sculpture that flourishes and designs itself following your own aesthetic principles. The garden and the Bonsai will nourish each other by collecting humidity and nutrients as they purify and recycle the CO2 emissions on the air. It only requires to be watered once every other week. The FicusBonsai Garden is formed by a bonsai sculpture to represent the poetic culmination of revering earth; a spiritual plane where reality converges with Science Fiction showcasing opposing elements in perfect balance. This beautiful piece works as a centrepiece on tables, side tables, or consoles. “The bonsai garden is a luxury carefully selected by the aesthetic properties of Zen Buddhism of beauty and balance; the garden is rich and full of green moss and the bonsai carefully trimmed to create a living sculpture. - Memories of Green & Tranquil Plants The Ficus Bonsai is a 9-12 year old Ficus microphylla tree. The trunk has beautiful character with silvery striations and textures along with the aged bark. The Bonsai is rooted in a ball of soil with a live garden of moss wrapped around it, approx 15-16 cm diameter. The bonsai detaches from the chalice to be watered and sprayed and then comfortable placed back.” *The Wooden pieces are water-resistant to some extent, however, water and humidity can get through them. it’s recommended to dry the moss ball after watering to keep the wood as dry as possible.* Measurements: Disc: H15 x Ø25-30 cm Approx. Bonsai: H25 x Ø16cm Approx, Carmona microphylla bonsai Made to order Lead time: 2-4 Weeks Care: Water every 2 Weeks Approx. Bonsai Manual Included. Dear customer: *Post-service is currently overwhelmed due to COVID-19, delays on orders, and delivery of items can be longer than expected. Memories of Green apologises for the inconvenience as this is out of our control* *Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can only guarantee plant & bonsais shipping orders inside the UK. For EU orders might be subject to additional fees and longer delivery times due to Brexit adjustment and plants & bonsai regulations. If you would like to make an order from abroad, please send us an email*