Warp Chalice – Event Horizon

By Memories of Green


“In astrophysics, an event horizon is most commonly associated with the limits around the gravitational force of a black hole, where its magnitude is so strong that not even light; the fastest entity in our universe can escape. This singularity is often known as The Event Horizon, the point of no return…” Memories of Green uses this massive singularity as a poetic metaphor for the entire collection. These objects possess elegant curves inspired by astrophysics calculations to bring the most simple yet sophisticated shapes and create awareness on how we treat waste. Using Award Winner Saunders Seasoning Timber, Memories of Green works with reused & reclaimed wood from trees that came down due to disease, selecting this wood for its particular imperfect patterns. The wood then is subject to a violent centrifugal force and chisels colliding with the dense Walnut & Birchwood to create a sculpture that then is curved and polished to perfection, leaving a seamless mathematical curve representing the structure of a black hole, progressing naturally into a beautiful chalice that worships the living entity of earth. Centrepiece Chalice: H30cm X Ø18cm Materials: Birchwood, Acacia Wood. Weight: 2 Kg Made to order Lead time: 3 - 5 weeks *Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can only guarantee shipping orders inside the UK & EU. EU orders might be subject to additional fees and longer delivery times due to Brexit adjustment. *If you would like to make an order from abroad, please send us an email*