Daffodil Birth Flower Earrings

By Sally Lees


Birth Flower Earrings for March Birthdays Zingy yellow earrings with silver centres. These beautiful earrings are the perfect accessory to brighten up both your Spring or winter wardrobe. Daffodils are the birth flower for March so are the perfect gift for someone with a March Birthday. Sally draws her floral drawings by hand which are then used as resit prints on aluminum sheets. Each sheet of aluminum is individually dyed and then hand crafted into earrings. The earrings also have a dual use with the central silver studs being detachable so you are able to wear them seperately. Each pair of earrings is unique due to the hand made nature of the earrings. These earrings are just one pair from the birth flower collection on www.sallylees.com Other styles of birth flower earrings, bangles and pendants are also available online. The aluminium disks are approximately 16mm in diametre with the sterling silver disk approximately 6mm in diametre.