The Horizon Chalice

By Memories of Green


The Critical Mass Collection is inspired by the massive density of a Black Hole; by compressing singular layers of material together to create dense matter, the material is then exposed through a centrifugal process of high speed and force. The material bends and transforms to create beautiful mathematical singularities that deceive the observer in space and form. The vases are designed with reclaimed, recycled birch plywood, its inconspicuous density its a reminder of the incredible amount of waste we generate. The aesthetics of the vase are best represented by the rules and composition of “Ichirin Zashi” the art of placing a single stem of dry nature on the top. Details: 15 x 38 x 38 cm Aprox 5Kg Made to order Lead time: 2 - 4 Weeks Dear costumer: *Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can only guarantee shipping orders inside the UK & EU. EU orders might be subject to aditional fees and longer delivery times due to Brexit adjustment. *If you would like to make an order from abroad, please send us an email*